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"Following a serious bout of insomnia, I asked Sandra if acupuncture would help, in tandem with her massage therapy. As a sceptic, I was not expecting fantastic results, but following a combined treatment I was able to sleep like a baby. Sandra also used ear seeds on me (auriculotherapy), which allowed me to stimulate the relevant acupressure points to help relieve stress and aid restful sleep for the rest of the week. I wouldn't hesitate to have acupuncture again."
Claire, South London

"I have been seeing Sandra for a shoulder problem that was recurring and was probably originated by my gym workouts. She was able to resolve the problem and I no longer have issues in lifting my arm."
Rebecca, Herne Hill

"I had suffer from painfull periods for most of my life and a friend mentioned that I should try acupuncture.  After a number of sessions I am now, nearly free of pain. Very happy!Thank you Sandra!"
Lucy, Herne Hill

"I could go to an acupuncture session just for the extreme relaxation that I experience. It is totally incredible. In reality I decided to have acupuncture for the migraine I have been suffering from and although they have not completely cleared, they are not as bad as they used to be and they are fewer and further apart. In addition I am thanking considerable less medications and that itself is a great thing."
Lina, London

"I got in contact with Sandra to try to solve an ongoing problem with my shoulder. She used a combination of acupuncture and manipulation, to resolve it. She showed me how to massage the some of the points so I could help myself in the recovery process.  Sandra has a welcoming manner and have been very attentive practitioner."
Paul, London

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